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UMW Sustainability is excited to open up our NEW internship program! These internships give students the opportunity to help grow and strengthen UMW Sustainability’s mission. Students also developing personal skills that will make them standout to employers and help you advance in your dream career.

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Ecology Club

A student environmental group on campus working to promote sustainability through action and awareness. Our club mission has 3 main goals; enjoyment, education and action. The Ecology Club works toward these goals on campus, in the Fredericksburg community, around the state and through involvement in larger environmental movements.

Botany Club

UMW Botany Club is committed to educating students and celebrating biology, ecology, and the practical uses of plants. Botany club is focused on a wide range of plant-related topics from basic principles of seed saving and gardening to specific topics like how to ferment hot sauce and breed plants. Besides education botany club also  pursues projects like planting and maintaining edible plants around the campus to provide fresher produce for the dining hall, the students, and the community through donations to local food banks.


BEAM (Better Energy Awareness & Mobilization)

BEAM is a renewable energy activism club that is currently working and advocating for UMW’s energy to be sourced from 100% renewable energy! If you are interested in joining the club, or signing the petition supporting getting renewable energy, email BEAM at


Bee Club

The Bee Club is dedicated to teaching students about the importance of bees to agriculture and native flora. Honey bees play a huge role in agriculture and produce their own goods, making them a prime focus of our club. We will work closely with the Downtown Greens community garden to help take care of their bee hives and work with the local Fredericksburg community.


Join the President’s Council on Sustainability!

The President’s Council on Sustainability (PCS) was formed in the fall of 2009 and consists of faculty, staff, and students giving the PCS a dynamic perspective on sustainability on campus.

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