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Meet UMW Sustainability! 


UMW Sustainability interns work hard to make UMW a more sustainable campus, implement new projects, encourage student involvement and more. Interested in becoming an intern? Positions open up on a semester bases so check out Handshake or email us at sustainability@umw.edu

2019- 2020 Sustainability Coordinator:

Lis Heras

– Senior majoring in Biology with a minor is Environmental Sustainability

– BEAM co-president, President’s Council on Sustainability co-chair & Fossil Free Fredericksburg member

– Lis would like others to know, by living sustainability and making an effort to conserve the environment you are making a difference and preserving life for future generations. Keep it up!



Richard Blair









The UMW Eco-Reps program at the University of Mary Washington is a student-based program partnered with UMW Sustainability to solicit change through education and awareness. Click HERE to learn more! HERE is all the info on initiatives going on on campus & leader contacts.

Curtis Kasiski – Pollinator Initiative Lead (Bee club) 
Matt Kitz – Grant Writing Contact
Bria Hickman – Fair Trade Campaign Lead
Devon Mytelka – Fair Trade Campaign Lead 
Shelby Bourquien – Recycling Initiative & Sustainability Map Initiative Lead 
Brenna Creamer – Community Garden & Ecology Club Lead
Stephanie (Anne) Devine
Lindsay Cooper
Claire Bradley
Chloe Dishong
Camille Harr
Gabi Radoiu
Virginia Summers


Sustainability Mission:

The University of Mary Washington strives for sustainable practices in all its endeavors. We recognize that each decision made concerning the mission and management of UMW impacts not only our present, but our future. Our management of resources, planning for growth, and development of local, regional, national, and international relationships should be conducted in a manner that meets present social, economic, and environmental needs without compromising our ability to meet the future needs of the University, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Mother Earth. We emphasize the importance of education and communication by increasing awareness of the roles played by our students, faculty, staff, and administration that help  make UMW a sustainable institution. As an institution of higher learning, it is UMW’s responsibility to serve as a leading example to the surrounding community of an entity that models its decisions based on environmentally and socially responsible principles.

-Adopted as a component of the University of Mary Washington Strategic Plan, November 2009


Goal 5 of the University of Mary Washington Strategic Plan, 2020: 

Promote Excellence and Sustainability in Support of University Operations The success of the University is dependent on the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, as well as the quality and commitment of its workforce. Ensuring appropriate support for university staff is a fundamental value that helps the University fulfill its mission and enhances the well-being of its students and employees. UMW will utilize long-term planning, effective data management, and commitment to financial and environmental sustainability to ensure both the fiscal and environmental sustainability of all university initiatives.