At the University of Mary Washington we inspire student participate in the sustainability mission through engaging activities, academics, programs, policies and practices. We promote sustainable life routines that students maintain after their time at UMW; these will lead to practices that impact cities, states, and ultimately the world.


UMW Sustainability Spotlight

This month’s spotlight is on Shelby Bourquein, an UMW EcoRep, community volunteer and Earth & Environmental Science Major! UMW Sustainability is so grateful for all her work & dedication making a sustainable planet. Show some love & click the image to see her Facebook shoutout, see all she does & her green-tip for the month.

Want to make a difference at UMW & in the community like Shelby? Get involved through UMW Sustainability’s EcoRep program, join a campus environmental group or ask us any questions today! sustainability@umw.edu

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Tree Campus USA

UMW is certified as a “Tree Campus USA”, partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation, due to our met goals of having an established and sustained healthy community forests. This Fredericksburg Campus Tree Map is interactive, showing the biodiversity & beauty our campus holds, the common name & genus species of our trees and where they are located.

A big thank you to the 21 students and Dr. Alan Griffith, UMW Professor of biology, who have worked on gathering the data necessary to create this map since Fall 2015. Another thank you to Zach Zwierko, Computer Science ’19 for the computer coding that made this map possible!

*Click the photo above to see UMW recognized on the Arbor Day Foundation website*