PCS Responsibilities & Action Areas

What Does the PCS Do??

  •  Reports to the Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Provost
  • Plays critical role in shaping administrative goals and objectives relating to campus sustainability
  • Report regularly to the President’s Cabinet outlining recommendations and UMW’s progress
  • Makes recommendations on:
    •  Sustainability issues and policy
    •  Developing strategies for implementation of sustainability initiatives
    •  Providing a cohesive public face for UMW sustainability efforts


PCS Action Areas:

Each Action Area has an evolving list of specific goals received from the President, Vice President, Provost, Executive Board, and PCS members. Each PCS member, or pair of members, will spearhead action on a specific short-term or long-term goal housed in one of the Action Areas. These members will lead an Action Group, made up of interested members of the PCS and UMW community, to achieve their goals. At the start of each semester, each PCS member will declare the Action Group he or she will lead, co-lead, or continue to lead.

At the end of each semester, the PCS co-chairs will collect, organize, and report the achievements and efforts accomplished under each Action Category. The report will be made public on the website and will be sent to the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Provost for further action and consideration. The co-chairs will start and end each semester with a meeting with the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Provost to define goals and the structure of the semester.

The council will advise and assist in the development of goals in these four action areas:

  • Administration and Finance
  • Education and Research
  • Operation
  • Innovation and Awareness

View our current list of Action Goals

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