PCS Divest Report

In August 2015, President Hurley charged the President’s Council on Sustainability (PCS) – which is comprised of faculty, staff, and students – to further look into the subject of fossil fuel divestment and to compile a report.

Faced with the challenge of climate change, how should the University of Mary Washington, which aims to be a statewide leader in sustainability and the environment, respond? As a liberal arts institution, UMW should place its primary focus on equipping students with the scientific literacy and critical thinking skills needed to address future climate-related problems. But many UMW students are also insisting that their university take more of a leadership role in response to the climate crisis by divesting its foundation from major fossil fuel companies.

The objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive, research-based assessment of whether or not the University of Mary Washington should officially divest from fossil fuels.

Each of the following sections answers a question in the charge. Taken together, the report gives an assessment of possible risks and/or benefits, as well as an assessment of possible ethical implications, of divesting or not divesting.

  1. PCS Divestment Report
  2. Appendix A Carbon Underground Report Apr-2014
  3. Appendix B UCS Divestment Methodology
  4. Appendix C UMW Carbon Compliance Slide
  5. Appendix D1 PCS Annual Report 2012-2013FINAL
  6. Appendix D2 PCS Annual Report 2014-2015
  7. Appendix E – Notes on Other Universities Divestment Processes