UMW Sustainability LogoSustainability” implies that the critical activities of an institution are ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable, and that they will continue to be so for future generations. The University of MaryWashington strives for sustainability in its everyday operations through policies, practices and the involvement of students, faculty and staff. The University recognizes that every action it takes concerning its mission and management impacts its future as much as it affects its present.

Through the DOT Campaign and in our everyday efforts, the University of Mary Washington community seeks to show that sustainability is an integral and valuable part of individual actions and our campus community.

Sustainability  Office

A division of Facility Services, the Sustainability Office is the hub of sustainability, working to implement programming and education throughout campus. Also, as well as field questions and concerns about sustainability from the Mary Washington community and surrounding region. The Sustainability Office consists of:

Director of Landscaping and Grounds- Joni Wilson

The main sustainability actor on our campus, Joni runs the Sustainability Office and is the consistent motivator for sustainability actions.

Sustainability Coordinator- Morgan James

The Sustainability Coordinator is a student held position, responsible for planning and developing sustainability programming on campus, as well as researching future sustainability initiatives.


2014 – Sofia Dimick, Jacob Eisenberg, Zakaria Kronemer, and Megan O’Connell

The Eco Reps program also a student position that builds sustainable living awareness within the university community while also working to improve sustainability programming, grant research, and develop sustainability initiatives. If you would like to be an ECO REP for the 2015-2016 school year, apply here.

The President’s Council on Sustainability

An advisory council of faculty, staff, and students, founded in 2009, the PCS works to educate and advise the President on sustainability measures for the University, while also enacting sustainability initiatives..