Confidential Documents – Destruction


logo_000There are multiple ways to properly dispose of confidential documents. All require a completed RM-3 (document destruction form), that is to be submitted to Ruth Lovelace, Director    Environmental Health & Safety before confidential materials are destroyed.  She will review for compliance and return a copy to you with her signature. Records information and forms may be found at the Library of Virginia web site,

Options for destruction:

1-      The Copy Center shreds for $4.00 a box, they do not offer pick-up service.  

2 –    University contract for document destruction. Departments will absorb this cost. Referencing standard paper size boxes;  departments can either have the contractor pick-up the boxes/bags of confidential documents, or rent a collection container.  The pricing for a pick-up is $3.50 per box/bag with a trip fuel surcharge of $44.00.  The rental collection container prices vary based on the size selected; $13.00 for console, $18.50 for 65 gallons, and $23.00 for 95 gallons.  It may be possible to coordinate the container drop-off and pick-up with other schedules on campus–this could allow the trip surcharge to be shared.  Contact Anika Wilson,, for information on use of the contract.