Stormwater Management

UMW is doing our part to preserve the health and sustainability of our waterways.

Stormwater is excess rainfall that is not absorbed into the ground, typically flowing across hard surfaces into storm drain until eventually reaching a body of water or treatment facility. Stormwater can pose many environmental threats such as:

  • Carrying pollutants such as trash, lawn chemicals, oil from cars, etc.
  • Erosion
  • Increased flooding and flood damage

Stormwater management is crucial to preserving our natural environment and protecting our waterways. UMW Sustainability’s efforts to manage stormwater damage include:

Sustainable Landscaping & No-Mow Zones

The UMW Grounds Crew oversee all landscaping and grounds operations on campus, including those purposely designed to mitigate stormwater. Areas of populated growth, such as our no-mow zones, help to buffer pollutants, prevent erosion and absorb excess rainfall.

Community Cleanups

UMW Sustainability organizes several community cleanups throughout the year, such as our “Butts Are Litter Too” campaign against cigarette butt pollution. Community cleanups limit the amount pollution vulnerable to our waterways and promote community awareness and education.

To participate in one of UMW’s upcoming cleanup, click here!

You Can Help Too!

Pet Waste – We love our pets! Not their waste. When walking you furry friend make sure to pick up their waste and dispose of it in a pet waste station or a trash can.

Vehicle Maintenance – Do it yourself (DIY) vehicle maintenance and vehicle washing can result in the spill or incorrect disposal of harmful chemicals that may end up in our stormwater and ultimately the ocean. To avoid these situations, take your vehicle to a reputable car wash and maintenance service center.

Litter – Our community is a beautiful place, do your share to help maintain its beauty. When out and about make sure to dispose of your waste properly; if you encounter litter please pick it up and dispose of it.

Outdoor Maintenance – Reduce or eliminate washing of outdoor surfaces by blowing or sweeping instead.

Landscaping – Create a Rain Garden and plan for Water Wise Landscaping. To learn more about these practices click on the titles.

To view UMW’s annual MS4 stormwater report here

To view a map of UMW’s stormwater facilities, click here