Single-Use Plastic Phase-Out

In July 2021, Executive Order 77 was issued in order to prohibit the future buying, selling or distributing of single-use plastics in state entities by the year 2025. Beginning immediately, UMW began working with University stakeholders to begin the process of eliminating single-use plastic reliance across all UMW entities. Following, in April 2022, Executive Order 77 was rescinded for Executive Order 17 which calls for improved state recycling and waste reduction efforts. UMW will continue to meet the requirements of EO17 by introducing new waste reduction programs and expanding current recycling efforts. 

UMW will continue to, wherever possible, phase-out the purchase & distribution of single-use plastics across all campuses. The Office of Sustainability will work with university stakeholders to develop alternative strategies and inventories that avoid single-use plastics such as: 

  • Plastic cutlery (alternatives include reusable/compostable cutlery)
  • Plastic & Polystyrene food containers (alternatives include reusable or compostable food containers) 
  • Plastic straws (alternatives include reusable or compostable straws) 
  • Single-use plastics bags (alternatives include paper or reusable bags) 
  • Plastic water bottles (alternatives include reusable water bottles, aluminum cans or water “hydration stations”) 

Have questions regarding the Single-Use Plastic Phase-Out program?

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  • View our Single-Use Alternatives Guide (coming soon) here.