Climate Action


Climate Change is one of the most important challenges facing our modern world. University Climate Planning is crucial to ensure that, as a leader in higher education, UMW is swift in designing a sustainable & climate-focused future for all.

In March of 2022, President Paino made the commitment to accelerate UMW’s response to climate change by developing the Climate Action Plan.

UMW’s Climate Action Plan is being developed by the Climate Action Task Force, a presidentially-appointed task force made of student, faculty, and staff leaders across the University.

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The Climate Action Task Force (Task Force), under the direction of the UMW President, will develop a detailed Climate Action Plan for the implementation of the University’s commitment to climate leadership. With our plan, UMW will join the broad movement of colleges and universities fighting climate change. We will join with local communities and seek synergies to decrease climate change. The plan will 1) identify specific actions and policies, 2) provide measurable objectives, and 3) include timeframes for implementation.

The Task Force will recommend immediate and longer-term actions and policies for the consideration of the President. These actions and policies will be guided by the following questions:

  • What is UMW currently doing to minimize negative impacts on the global environment? What can be done to improve the reach and effectiveness of current actions?
  • What visible and impactful action(s) can be implemented immediately, i.e., within 6 months?
  • What can be done to empower individuals and campus groups to join senior leadership in promoting and supporting university-wide climate actions?
  • What new programs, resources, and policies should be implemented, including ongoing mechanisms, that will decrease UMW’s negative impacts on the global environment?

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Climate Action Task Force Membership

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Sean Morrow (Co-Chair)

Sustainability Coordinator;

Office of Sustainability, Facilities 




Dr. Alan Griffith (Co-Chair)

Professor of Biology 

College of Arts and Sciences




Dr. Pamela Grothe

Assistant Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

The John Tippett Legacy Fund for the Rappahannock River - The Community Foundation



John Tippett

Adjunct Faculty of Earth & Environmental Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences



Dr. Samira Fallah

Assistant Professor of Management  

College of Business 




Pam Taggert

Assistant Director of Budget & Financial Analysis

Risk Management Administrator 



Melva Kishpaugh

Director of Procurement Services

Procurement Services



Jay Sullivan

Capital Outlay Program Manager

Capital Outlay


Sarah Kerner

Alumni; Class of 2022 Earth & Environmental Sciences



Kate Stoneman

Class of 2026 Earth & Environmental Sciences