Mary Washington’s culture of sustainability is apparent in the extensive and diverse curriculum offered by the University on the subject.

Environmental Sustainability Minor

The Sustainability Minor provides a unique opportunity to study sustainability in the classroom. The minor is interdisciplinary, allowing the student to view the subject from every angle.

1. Environmental Sustainability Minor Requirements

*Note: Check the academic catalog for a current list as new classes continue to be added to the list.

18-21 Credits

Three required core courses totaling nine (9) credits:

1. EESC 110, 2. EESC 230, and 3. EESC 326 or 330.

In addition, three courses totaling at least nine (9) credits from the following list of electives from the respective departments:

From Earth and Environmental Sciences: EESC 307, 313, 315, 323, 325, 355, GEOL 210, 221, 313, 315, 325, 355

From Biology: BIOL 424, 428

From Geography: GEOG 245, 339

From Economics: ECON 324, 351

From Philosophy: PHIL 330