Economics 331-Environmental Resource Econ

Using Supercomputers to Understand Paleoclimatology

Nathan Boyarsky, Spring 2009

Externalities of Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Gwen Holdgriewe, Spring 2009


Printing Double-Sided

Step 1: Ask yourself if it is really necessary to print this item.

Most campus printers are equipped with a duplex unit for two-sided printing. Make sure your printer is so equipped.

For a PC or Mac:

On a PC:

From the File menu, select PRINT.
In the Print dialog box click PROPERTIES (or PREFERENCES in some applications). The PROPERTIES window opens.
On the FINISHING tab, under the DOCUMENT OPTIONS heading, click OK and check PRINT ON BOTH SIDES.
Click OK.
Click OK again to leave the Print Dialog box and print.

On a MAC:

Choose File/Print.
In the “Copies & Pages” pull-down menu, select LAYOUT.
Click the radio button beside LONG SIDED PRINTING.
In the Presets pull-down menu, choose SAVE AS.
Give your set of printing options a name, then click OK.
The new preset will appear in the print window as the default until you change it.


Paper Reduction Tips