UMW Apartments

recyling picALL IN ONE

Recycling on the UMW Fredericksburg Campus is now SINGLE STREAM! Materials collected remain the same but they do not need to be separated.

Recycling in the Apartments is single stream (all recycling can go in the same recycling container) and does not have to be bagged.

Recycling at the UMW Apartments is placed in the central collection recycling containers located next to the waste containers in the rear parking lot.


Glass, Aluminum, Plastics (GAP)

Glass, Aluminum, Plastic Recycling

Mixed Paper

Mixed Paper Recycling


Cardboard Recycling

Need recycling supplies (containers, signs, bags)? Please send work requests through the Facilities Services Work Management System.

Have questions? Want to be involved? Contact Morgan James, UMW Sustainability Coordinator or Joni Wilson, director Landscape and Grounds at

What can be recycled?

ELEV Recycling Magnet