2017 RecycleMania Shred Event

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Do you have a ton of old files and paperwork in your office? Have them shredded and contribute to UMW’s success in RecycleMania! Submit a Facilities Services Work Request by February 23rd for pick up on February 28th. The Shred Event is open to all UMW faculty, staff, and students.


On Tuesday, February 28th as a part of RecycleMania 2017, confidential documents will be collected for shredding.


1. Submit a Facilities Services Work Request by February 23rd, 4:00PM. The Work Request must include:

A. Material amounts (estimated number of boxes or bags)

B. Location

C. Responsible person: Person on site to verify the correct materials, we will not pick-up materials without verification.


2. RM-3 Records Destruction form (voided copy) must be taped to materials. Form and information at Library of Virginia.


3.  Materials: Materials must be in boxes or bags, boxes will not be returned. NOT TOO HEAVY!


4. ACCEPTED: office paper-based material, small metal fasteners such as paperclips and staples.  REMOVE: 3-ring binders, hardcover books, newspapers, magazines, plastic objects, metal objects or electronic media such as  CDs and DVDs.


Pick-up by schedule only – Tuesday, February 28th:

8:00AM – 10:00AM

Eagle Village Offices

University Center

Anderson Center

Goolrick Hall

Fitness Center

Jepson Science Center

Hurley Convergence Center

Simpson Library

duPont Hall        

Melchers Hall                                    

Pollard Hall

Ridderhof-Martin Art Gallery


GW Hall                               

Combs Hall

Brent House

Hamlet House         

Fairfax House

Tyler House

Trinkle Hall

Monroe Hall

Lee Hall               

Marye House

Woodard Hall

Mercer Hall

1:00PM -3:30PM

1004 College Ave

1104 College Ave

1201 William St 

1510 William St

Jepson Alumni Center

Physical Plant

Heating Plant

Tennis Center


James Monroe Museum

Stafford North and South


Confidential Document Destruction outside of the Shred Event.