Green Offices

The Green Office site provides Mary Washington faculty and staff tips, ideas and resources to make their workplaces more sustainable.

first steps

Look around your office. There are a lot of easy changes you can make that will dramatically reduce energy consumption and your impact on the planet. These include:

Slim Jim1. Recycle. ALL IN ONE the UMW Fredericksburg  Campus  is now SINGLE STREAM. Materials recycled remain the same, no sorting required. What can I recycle?


Lori Klopp at her desk with reusable mug, recycling collection box and computer screen with CFL recycling emblem  2. Activate power management on your computer. Our Power Management Fact Sheet shows you how to do this.




3. Bring your lunch in a reusable container- avoid takeout.




Become a leader in your office; encourage others to engage in sustainable practices by:


Brooke Kingsley placing plastic bottle and paper in recycling collection containers 4. Encouraging others in your office to recycle. Look around are there ways to improve recycling?

Need recycling supplies (containers, signs, bags)? Please send Work Requests through the Facilities Services Work Management System.  Have questions? Want to be involved? Contact Morgan James, UMW Sustainability Coordinator or Joni Wilson, director Landscape and Grounds at


5. Showing others how to activate power management on their computer.



gREEN sEAL LOGO6. Purchasing green cleaning dishwashing liquid, and other biodegradable kitchen supplies.



other tips

7. Use a power strip as the central shut off point for all of your electronic devices.

-Vampire energy chart

8. Shut off lights when leaving a room.

9. Bike, walk, or take public transportation to work.

10. Unsubscribe from junk mail services.

11. Print, type, and copy on both sides of paper.

12. Reuse paper- print or copy drafts and in-house communication on the back of previously used paper, use as scratch paper, keep a stock pile of used paper by the copier and fax machine

13. Use small stickers or half sheets for fax cover sheets, re-use paper for faxing

14. Default your office copier to double sided copies.

15. Edit on the computer, print only when necessary.

16. Share magazines, use routing slips to cut down on copies.

17 Keep files electronically, use share drive for group access to files, print only when necessary .

If you have a tip for Greening your office please share it with Joni Wilson.