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recyling picFebruary 28, 2017


Do you have a ton of old files and paperwork in your office? Have them shredded and contribute to UMW’s success in RecycleMania! Submit a work request by February 23rd for pick up on February 28. All confidential files will be secured for shredding on March 1. The Shred Event is open to all UMW faculty, staff and students. For full details click here. 



FALL 2015


Recycling on the UMW Fredericksburg Campus is now SINGLE STREAM! Recyclables do not need to be sorted! Glass, aluminum, plastic, paper and cardboard are  ALL IN ONE. At-Desk collection containers no longer contain only paper. Conveniently collect all recyclables in one container to be emptied in the central collection container of your choice.  For more information on recycling



August 24 – September 17, 2015

First Year residents will compete to see which Res Hall will recycle the highest weight per person. Recycling will be tallied weekly and posted online. The Grand Winner will be announced Family Weekend! The winning Residence Hall will receive Ice Cream for all! For more information First Year Recycling Contest




Get Involved in Sustainability

Eco Rep Application    Due: September 16th.

PCS Student Application   Due: September 2nd at noon.

Join the UMW Ecology Club! Find us at Club Carnival on August 26th.

Join the DOT Campaign and become DOT Endorsed.

Minor in Environmental Sustainability or register for an elective course.



Mary Washington Shred Event!

Do you have a ton of old files and paperwork in your office? Get them shredded and contribute to UMW’s success in RecycleMania! Submit a work request by February 25th for pick up on March 2nd. All confidential file will be stored securely over night. The Shred Event is open to all (UMW and community). For full details on work requesting, collection, and instructions, click here. 




Eagle Dining Wins Green Award!

 The University of Mary Washington’s Eagle Dining has been awarded the Marstel-Day and Stafford Printing Green Frontier Award, which celebrates excellence in green business practices. Eagle Dining was one of five local businesses honored at the Fredericksburg egional Chamber of Commerce’s annual gala on Friday, Feb. 1st. For more information, please click here!


Mary Washington in 16th After 7 Weeks

With just one week of reporting for Recyclemania remaining Mary Washington sits in 16th place.  At this point the Eagles community has recycled 34.27 pounds per person over the 7 week period.  Final reporting for recycling totals is due this Friday, April 6th.  Final results will be posted Friday, April 13th.  Results to this point have virtually guaranteed that UMW will finish the competition much higher than in previous years, and a top 20 finish looks almost certain. Keep up the great work Eagles!

Monique Dela Cruz Wins Recyclemania Trivia Contest

Congratulations to Monique Dela Cruz, a Junior Economics major, for winning the Recyclemania Trivia contest.  The questions went live on Facebook at 1pm last Wednesday.  Miss Dela Cruz responded correctly in less than 10 minutes.  For her correct responses, she received an Ipod Shuffle and Recyclemania Water Bottle courtesy of UMW Recycling.  Katie Locke, a staff member from Career Services, finished in second place, and will receive a Recyclemania Water Bottle and Recyclemania Travel Mug.



After 6 weeks Mary Washington holds on to 14th in Recyclemania

With only two weeks of reporting remaining in 2012’s Recyclemania competition Mary Washington sits in the 14th position internationally.  Partially through the success of our Waste Less Wednesday event series and partially through the robust recycling program on campus, Mary Washington is poised to finish in the top 15 overall in this year’s competition.  Additionally, Mary Washington sits 34 spots above the next closest school from the State of Virginia and 65 spots ahead of the next closest school in the Capital Athletic Conference.  To date Mary Washington students have recycled over 30 lbs per person during the competition.

With successful Shred Event UMW pushes to 12th place in Recyclemania

Sustainability Day

Utilizing the success of the week 5 shred event, Mary Washington moved up from 16th to 12th place in the Recylemania standings internationally.  In terms of the state of Virginia the Eagles increased their already substantial  lead over the other competitors from the Virginia.   With 3 weeks left UMW recycling is very optimistic that we will finish very close to the top of the Per Capita Recyclemania standings.

UMW holds Shred Event, Recycles 17,400 lbs of paper

On Friday, March 9th UMW held a shred event with the use of ProShred’s services, and as a part of it’s weekly calendar of Recyclemania events.  The event was open for both faculty, staff, and local community members to come and recycle any paper they wanted to get rid of.  The event was highly successful, as the total amount of paper recycled at the end of the event was approximately 17,400 pounds, or about 8.7 tons.  For perspective ProShred equated this total into some practical interpretations.  The total amount of paper recycled is equal to conserving approximately 148 trees, 3,306 gallons of oil, 60,900 gallons of water, 41,760 kilowatt hours of energy, or 870 cubic yards of landfill space.  Thank you to the Landscape and Grounds crew for all of their work picking up documents from campus departments, and thank you to ProShred for their services.

After 4 Weeks, UMW still in 16th in Recyclemania

binResults from 4 weeks are in, and UMW has held on to the 16th position in the international Recyclemania standings. After 4 weeks there are a total of 306 schools entered.  No school in the Commonwealth and no school in our very own Capital Athletic Conference sits above the Eagles in the standings.  To this point the UMW community has accounted for 19.46 pounds/person recycled.  Keep up the great work Mary Washington!

It’s Official: After 2 Weeks of Recyclemania Results in, UMW Ranks 16th

With two weeks of results in Mary Washington stands in the 16th position in the Recyclemania standings.  Bolstered by a particularly strong showing in week 1, UMW stands at 9.9 lbs/person recycled thus far.  The 16th spot puts us close to the top of the pool of over 250 participating schools.  Additionally, UMW stands in 2nd place among schools in Virginia participating, below Virginia Wesleyan College, but above such schools as William and Mary, the University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech.  Keep up the great work Eagles!



UMW to host Shred event for Faculty, Staff, and Community March 9th

Friday, March 9th, while students are away for Spring Break, UMWRecycling will host a shred event on campus in the William St. parking lot by the UMW Apartments.  The event will take place from 10am to 1pm.  We will be able to receive office paper-based material, customers are relieved of any responsibility to remove small metal fasteners or report covers. The shredder will destroy them all. However, we do require that customers remove 3-ring binders, hardcover books, newspapers, magazines, plastic objects, metal objects or electronic media such as CDs and DVDs.

Faculty and staff:  To request pick-up of materials for shredding UMW faculty and staff must submit a Work Request by Wednesday, March 7th by 4:00 PM. The Work Request must include the estimated amount of materials (number of boxes or bags), where the materials are located and who will be at the site to verify the correct material. All materials must be accompanied by a copy of the RM-3 Records Destruction form; the RM-3 is available on the shared drive under Records Management. The completed form should be marked VOID and attached to the material. If the form is not attached the materials will not be picked-up. Forms must be sent to Ruth Lovelace, Director Emergency Management and Safety for her approval. The time frame may not allow return of the RM-3 by Ms. Lovelace in time for the pick-up. You may attach the voided form even if the final signature has not been acquired.

Pickup for Faculty and Staff will be Thursday March 8th, the day before the shred company will be here.  Please see the schedule sent to your emails for the scheduled pickup times for each building.

Community Members: To maximize the number of customers served we request a limit of 5 boxes per vehicle.  You will pull into the parking lot by the UMW Apartments at the intersection of William and Sunken to drop off materials.

Proshred will complete the service on site using high speed industrial shredding equipment contained in their mobile shredding trucks. Their Customer Service Professionals will place the contents of each box in a secure wheeled security cart and take it to the truck where the cart will be mechanically lifted to the shredder and the confidential materials securely destroyed. The Customer Service Professionals will transport the shredded paper to a facility where it will be recycled.

Any questions about the event can be directed to Joni Wilson, Director Landscape and Grounds at



UMW holds successful Dumpster Dive event

Wednesday February 22nd on Ball Circle UMW Recycling sponsored a Dumpster Dive event open to any students who wished to help.  The event was the 3rd week’s event for our Waste Less Wednesday series.  We brought in 139.3 pounds of bagged trash from dumpsters outside residence halls, and our group of volunteers sorted through them, picking out anything that actually could have been recycled.  At the end we weighed the trash that was left after having been sorted through.  Of the 139.3 pounds we began with, only 69.8 pounds were actually trash!  We understand that this is a small sample size, but the bags were actually taken from several dorms on campus.  Almost exactly half of what we sorted through was recyclable!  Keep in mind that even recycling what we do now UMW was in 9th place after the first week of Recyclemania.  Imagine what we could do if we recycled that extra half of what we throw away UMW!

Pizza boxes now accepted in recycling!

Recycle Pizza Boxes!

EMPTY pizza boxes are now accepted as part of the CARDBOARD recycing program in all UMW buildings including administrative, academic, residential and the apartments at Eagle Landing.

seacobeck to use compostable take out containers (April 2009)

compostable take out container

A very visible and eco-friendly change will come to UMW dining services over the next few months. Seaco’s old styrofoam take-out containers will be replaced by ones made of Bagasse, a byproduct of sugarcane. These boxes are compostable, and will biodegrade in between two and four months. Dining services has heard student concerns, and acted to make our campus more sustainable.

Peter Yarrow preforms for Earth Day (April, 2009)

peter yarrow and the ecology club

Peter Yarrow, of 1960’s and 70’s folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary, preformed a free concert for Earth Day at UMW. Sponsered by the Ecology Club and the Sustainablity Team, this concert attracted students as well as members of the Fredericksburg community. Peter preformed such old favorites as Blowin’ in the Wind and Puff the Magic Dragon (with the help of students). Thanks to Mr. Yarrow and the Ecology club for making this a truly memorable Earth Day for Mary Washington!

student sculpture made from recycled materials displayed in lee

scuplture display in lee

For their mid-term project, UMW’s sculpture design class created awesome self-sculptures , as well as a big beautiful dragon and castle,all made totally from recycled materials. The sculpture collection is being displayed until April 22nd in the Student Services Center on the first floor of Lee Hall. More information on the piece is available here. Go check it out!


Sustainability team gives away ipod shuffle! (April 2009)

elinor with ipod

Elinor Tuhy was the lucky winner of the Grand Prize for the UMW Sustainability Team’s Caught Green Handed program. Elinor recieved big beautiful ballons and a free iPod shuffle (color green of course)! The Caught Green Handed program involved dedicated volunteers distributing candy and raffle tickets to any student they observed recycling or reducing waste. A winning ticket was then picked at random. So, keep recycling, you never know when you could be Caught Green Handed!

UMW Ecology Club Spreads Message on Campus

The UMW Ecology Club is a vital partner in the effort to expand recycling initiatives on campus and in the community. Their website is a reat resource for recycling tips, “green” events, and sustainability information. Check it out at


Tabling at The Eagles Nest on Sept. 4Tabling at the Eagles Nest on Sept. 4th


Care to Share

The Care to Share program is run at the end of each semester by SGA in partnership with UMW and Rappahannock Goodwill. If you are moving out at the end of the semester, or if you are just cleaning up before you leave for break, we are more than happy to take many of the things you no longer need and put them to good use.

UMW Celebrates Campus Sustainability Day!

UMW joined with campuses across the country on October 22 to celebrate Campus Sustainability Day, an event first put on by the Society for College and University Planning in 2003. UMW celebrated by creating 10 new recycling collection containers for Campus Walk, as well as engaging the campus in dialogue about consumer choices and clean energy.


Many thanks to Landscape and Grounds, Bruce Blair, the UMW Carpenter Shop and the UMW Paint Shop for their help in making blue the new green at UMW! Thank you to the Energy Action Coalition for their help with the windmills, and to volunteers from the UMW Ecology Club for making this day possible!

UMW partners with Habitat for HumanityHabitat Logo

The campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity, lead by Lindsay D’Adamo, is partnering with the UMW Recycling Program to collect aluminium cans for recycling. Habitat for Humanity uses the refunds from recycling aluminium to help fund affordable housing construction projects in the greater Fredericksburg area. Please recycle cans in residence halls and the UMW Apartments in the “Aluminium Only” bins, marked with Habitat for Humanity signs. Thanks for your help as we green campus and lend a hand to those in need.