Eco Reps

The Eco-Reps program at the University of Mary Washington is a student-based program partnered with the Sustainability Office to solicit change through education and awareness. Through communication, the sharing of resources, and implementation of policy, Eco-Reps involved in sustainable initiatives and programs encourage and put into effect the sustainability mission of the university.

The Eco Reps are vital to the success of sustainability on campus. Their energy and enthusiasm is key in sustainability events and sustainability development.

Eco Reps are expected to:

1. Participate in at least one sustainability program or initiative on campus

2. Identify the sustainability mission of the university

3. Communicate between student sustainability groups on campus and the Sustainability Office

4. Commit to a 1-2 hour meeting every other week with the Eco-Reps

5. Assist in the occasional sustainability event

6. Work 2-5 hours per week


Become a UMW Eco Rep! Contact: