Each year UMW students generate 100s of tons of waste. Here are a few tips on how you can reduce your waste, and green your UMW Eagle footprint.


Recycling containers for single stream recycling of glass, aluminum, plastic and cardboard are located adjacent to waste dumpsters. Do not forget to flatten cardboard boxes!

What to Bring:

  • Reusable Water bottle and water filtering pitcher. Environmental Working Group’s Water Filter Buying Guide can help you find the right filter for you.

  • Power Strips

  • LED or CFL lightbulbs
  • Bicycle

 Packing Green:

  • Replace cardboard with REUSABLE PACKING; Use suitcases, reusable bags, backpacks and plastic tubs and bins. Store bins under your bed or send them back home to use when you leave in the spring.

  • Cardboard is a second best if they are flattened and recycled, and if necessary use plastic trash bags that can be reused for waste.

  • Protect breakables with towels, sheets, clothing and other items you plan to bring to campus. Forget bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Reuse old newspaper but remember to recycle when you unpack.

Buying Strategies

  • Talk with roommates: Reduce waste and save money, avoid duplication – decide who is responsible for the larger items you will share.

  • Reuse: Use thrifted, second-hand or homemade. Many items can be brought from home. Family and neighbors may have gently used items you can have – dishes, curtains, throw pillows. Shop thrift stores – Save time, money and resources.

  • Buy Reusable: Water bottles, coffee mugs, dishes, utensils. Save space, money and your environment.

  • Look for Efficiency: Buy Energy Star or EPEAT labeled computers, printers, stereos and mini fridge, help reduce energy usage.

  • Buy Recycled: Look for post-consumer content in supplies and shoot for 100% in copy or printer paper.

  • Green Cleaning Supplies: Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals through greener cleaning alternatives. EWG’s Updated Guide to Healthy Cleaning, Spring 2016, contains information on more than 2,500 products, letting you easily learn about the health hazards and ecological concerns associated with the thousands of chemicals in cleaners.

  • Energy Reduction: Bring Power Strips for computers, phone chargers, lamps etc. Bring LED or CFL light bulbs.

  • Buy Organic cotton or hemp/cotton blend towels, bed linens, rugs etc.


How Green Is Your Room?