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 February 5 – April 1, 2017




February 28, 2017

 UMW RecycleMania Shred Event



UMW Landscape and Grounds is hosting the UMW RecycleMania Shred Event again this year. Confidential documents for shredding will be collected on February 28, 2017. Please visit the UMW Sustainability web site for pick-up schedule and details


If you have any questions contact Joni Wilson at


FALL 2016



Mary Washington in 16th After 7 Weeks

With just one week of reporting for Recyclemania remaining Mary Washington sits in 16th place.  At this point the Eagles community has recycled 34.27 pounds per person over the 7 week period.  Final reporting for recycling totals is due this Friday, April 6th.  Final results will be posted Friday, April 13th.  Results to this point have virtually guaranteed that UMW will finish the competition much higher than in previous years, and a top 20 finish looks almost certain. Keep up the great work Eagles!

Monique Dela Cruz Wins Recyclemania Trivia Contest

Congratulations to Monique Dela Cruz, a Junior Economics major, for winning the Recyclemania Trivia contest.  The questions went live on Facebook at 1pm last Wednesday.  Miss Dela Cruz responded correctly in less than 10 minutes.  For her correct responses, she received an Ipod Shuffle and Recyclemania Water Bottle courtesy of UMW Recycling.  Katie Locke, a staff member from Career Services, finished in second place, and will receive a Recyclemania Water Bottle and Recyclemania Travel Mug.

After 6 weeks Mary Washington holds on to 14th in Recyclemania

With only two weeks of reporting remaining in 2012’s Recyclemania competition Mary Washington sits in the 14th position internationally.  Partially through the success of our Waste Less Wednesday event series and partially through the robust recycling program on campus, Mary Washington is poised to finish in the top 15 overall in this year’s competition.  Additionally, Mary Washington sits 34 spots above the next closest school from the State of Virginia and 65 spots ahead of the next closest school in the Capital Athletic Conference.  To date Mary Washington students have recycled over 30 lbs per person during the competition.

With successful Shred Event UMW pushes to 12th place in Recyclemania

Sustainability Day

Utilizing the success of the week 5 shred event, Mary Washington moved up from 16th to 12th place in the Recylemania standings internationally.  In terms of the state of Virginia the Eagles increased their already substantial  lead over the other competitors from the Virginia.   With 3 weeks left UMW recycling is very optimistic that we will finish very close to the top of the Per Capita Recyclemania standings.

UMW holds Shred Event, Recycles 17,400 lbs of paper

On Friday, March 9th UMW held a shred event with the use of ProShred’s services, and as a part of it’s weekly calendar of Recyclemania events.  The event was open for both faculty, staff, and local community members to come and recycle any paper they wanted to get rid of.  The event was highly successful, as the total amount of paper recycled at the end of the event was approximately 17,400 pounds, or about 8.7 tons.  For perspective ProShred equated this total into some practical interpretations.  The total amount of paper recycled is equal to conserving approximately 148 trees, 3,306 gallons of oil, 60,900 gallons of water, 41,760 kilowatt hours of energy, or 870 cubic yards of landfill space.  Thank you to the Landscape and Grounds crew for all of their work picking up documents from campus departments, and thank you to ProShred for their services.



After 4 Weeks, UMW still in 16th in Recyclemania

Results from 4 weeks are in, and UMW has held on to the 16th position in the international Recyclemania standings. After 4 weeks there are a total of 306 schools entered.  No school in the Commonwealth and no school in our very own Capital Athletic Conference sits above the Eagles in the standings.  To this point the UMW community has accounted for 19.46 pounds/person recycled.  Keep up the great work Mary Washington!


It’s Official: After 2 Weeks of Recyclemania Results in, UMW Ranks 16th

With two weeks of results in Mary Washington stands in the 16th position in the Recyclemania standings.  Bolstered by a particularly strong showing in week 1, UMW stands at 9.9 lbs/person recycled thus far.  The 16th spot puts us close to the top of the pool of over 250 participating schools.  Additionally, UMW stands in 2nd place among schools in Virginia participating, below Virginia Wesleyan College, but above such schools as William and Mary, the University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech.  Keep up the great work Eagles!


Recyclemania Kick Off

UMW kicks off its third year of participation in the annual Recyclemania contest this week.  Each week there will be a Recyclemania activity designed to promote recycling.  For the first week the dorms are competing amongst themselves to recycle the most per capita.  The winning dorm after the first week will receive a pizza party courtesy of UMW recycling and UMW dining.  In the next 7 weeks of the contest we will be holding Waste Less Wednesday events each week.  These will include caught green-handed days where volunteers will pass out prizes to people who are caught recycling or using reusable cups and mugs, a dumpster dive where we will reveal how much of a dumpster’s contents are actually recyclable, and other activities. Make sure you recycle, and do your part to help Mary Washington place competitively in 2012 Recyclemania.


UMW’s President’s Council for Sustainability Signs Keep the Ban Resolution

The UMW President’s Council on Sustainability has decided to sign the resolution supporting the moratorium on uranium mining in Virginia in understanding the serious implication of allowing uranium mining to occur in the state of Virginia and its negative affects on the University of Mary Washington. The resolution states that the Virginia General Assembly enacted the moratorium in 1983 which still stands today, that there are numerous counties at risk of uranium mining including Orange County, that the City of Virginia Beach commissioned a study which determined that uranium mining in Pittsylvania County could significantly impact their water supply, that Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments have passed resolution in support of the moratorium, that Virginia Uranium Inc. has not disclosed the specific nature of mining, milling, and tailing management, that no study, including on going study by the National Academy of Science, can adequately address the social and psychological effect upon the economy and population near uranium mining, and that the destructive effects of uranium mining will harm economic growth.

The PCS joins such notable groups as the VA Sierra Club, the Southern Environmental Law Center, the Virginia NAACP, the National Wildlife Federation, numerous cities and counties in VA and NC, and others in supporting this resolution.


Tar Sands Action

Sunday, November 6th students, faculty, and staff from the University of Mary Washington traveled to our nation’s capital to protest the Keystone XL pipeline outside of the White House.  They were joined by approximately 12,000 people from around the U.S. and Canada in their efforts.  Activists, politicians, and celebrities shared a stage, denouncing the proposed pipeline.  Following the rally from the stage, the 12,000 people joined together to form a human chain that stretched all the way around the White House nearly 3 full times.

Check out this video of the event

Keep the Ban Rally with Edd Houck

State Senator Edd Houck will be on Ball circle at UMW today, Oct. 20, to voice his support at a rally for Sierra Club’s Keep the Ban campaign.  Virginia has had a ban on Uranium mining for 30 years, but recently foreign-backed interests have been attempting to have the ban lifted so they can mine Uranium in Southern Virginia.  Drinking water, human health, farmland, property values, wildlife and tourism across Virginia are at risk.  The Keep the Ban Coalition has launched a statewide petition drive, beginning with 41 groups and localities and 1,000 signatures of citizens who are urging the General Assembly to keep the ban on uranium mining in Virginia.


Sustainability Day 2011: food, crafts, planting, knowledge!

Sustainability day 2011 was a 3 part event that began at 10am with a community session.  There were information tables from groups such as the Friends of the Rappahannock, the Sierra Club, and the R-Board.  Robin Jones, UMW’s own Landscape and Gardens supervisor, gave a demonstration about dividing perennials.  Joni Wilson, UMW’s director of Landscape and Grounds, gave a talk about proper tree planting.  After the morning’s events, Tree Fredericksburg led a tree planting along college avenue with a group of students and community members.  At 1pm more students started arriving for food, crafts, and more information.  The recycled jewelry table was a big hit, where students could make beads for bracelets from recycled magazines, bracelets from recycled soda bottles, and lapel pins from aluminum cans.  The EcoClub was on hand with supplies to decorate recycling boxes for students’ rooms.  Do One Thing was also present and taking pledges for sustainability.  The day was a great success, and we look forward to next year’s event.

2011 UMW graduates to sport “Eco-Friendly” regalia

The University of Mary Washington’s Class of 2011 will wear eco-friendly caps and gowns during next spring’s graduation. This switch to biodegradable, recycled regalia made from renewable materials represents part of UMW ongoing move toward greater sustainability. Erma Baker, Kathy Underwood, and Paula Zero lead the push to “green” graduation by working very closely with UMW’s regalia vendor, Jostens. More information can be found in either of the Freelance Star articles: UMW Commencment Gowns Going Green (Printed November 6, 2010) or UMW graduation to be “eco-friendly” (web-only)

Sustainability day 2010: food, music, planting, knowledge!

Sustainability Day

Sustainability Day 2010 was a 3-part extravaganza all in the name of sustainability at Mary Washington. We kicked the day off with a Community Plant Exchange and Riparian Buffer Tree Planting with UMW Facilities. The afternoon barbeque, activity and education portion of Sustainability Day included a cookout with veggie burgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, live music from One Note Stand and the Symphonics, an eco-club clothing swap (where students bring old clothing and trade for “ new” clothing!), recycling crafts and relay races with residence life sustainability organizers, sustainability products from the bookstore and SHH, and information about sustainability at UMW andaround Fredericksburg from COAR, the George Washington Regional Commission, and more!

UMW installs energy efficient laundry machines

The University of Mary Washington has added new energy-efficient washing machines to all residence halls, including Eagle Landing, in a move expected to save more than 1 million gallons of water annually! More information can be found in the Freelance Star article, Green Washing Machines at UMW

Students Reuse move-in boxes to build cardboard forts

Cardboard Fort Building

On Saturday, August 28th, students displayed creativity while raising awareness about the environmental impacts of packaging by building forts out of cardboard boxes collected from August move-in. Facilities Services collected boxes and delivered them to Ball Circle for students to utlize all day. See more pictures of the elaborate forts built: here.




book learning
The Curriculum Committee has approved an Environmental Sustainability Minor, beginning in Spring 2010. Learn more here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Sustainability Day Flyer

This year’s Sustainability Day, held on Ball Circle, brought together students, faculty, staff, and members of the community for a day of learning, good food, and fun! In the morning, members of the community came out and enjoyed a plant exchange and learned from local groups, including Friends of the Rappahannock and UMW’s sustainability team. In the afternoon, students started coming, the grill was fired up, and the excitement of the day continued to grow. Special thanks to Mike Burgess, Resident Life, Ecology Club, Downtown Greens, and everyone who contributed to making this event such a success. View photos here.

October 27, 2009


Mary Washington, in it’s inargual year of participation, earned a B minus for it’s sustainability efforts. Review the entire report card here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mary Washington signs the Talloires Declaration

The University has demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by signing the Talloires Declaration. This document commits Mary Washington to sustainability using ten varied goals. More information on the declaration and UMW’s efforts to accomplish the aims of Talloires will be posted soon.


Monday, June 1, 2009

UMW has renewed its membership in AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. This important step allows the University to have access to the helpful resources and large network AASHE provides. As an added bonus, all administration, faculty/staff, and students have the oppurtunity to join AASHE.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to Mary Washington’s new sustainability webpage. Under construction for the next several weeks, this site will become the hub for sustainability for students, faculty/staff, and administration. Visit this site to learn about upcoming events, what the sustainability team is doing, and how you can get involved in planning and implementing our green future at UMW.

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