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Do you have a ton of old files and paperwork in your office? Have them shredded and contribute to UMW’s success in RecycleMania! Submit a Facilities Services Work Request by February 23rd for pick up on February 28th. The Shred Event is open to all UMW faculty, staff, and students.


On Tuesday, February 28th as a part of RecycleMania 2017, confidential documents will be collected for shredding.


1. Submit a Facilities Services Work Request by February 23rd, 4:00PM. The Work Request must include:

A. Material amounts (estimated number of boxes or bags)

B. Location

C. Responsible person: Person on site to verify the correct materials, we will not pick-up materials without verification.


2. RM-3 Records Destruction form (voided copy) must be taped to materials. RM-3 form and information at the Library of Virginia.

3.  Materials: Materials must be in boxes or bags, boxes will not be returned. NOT TOO HEAVY!


4. ACCEPTED: office paper-based material, small metal fasteners such as paperclips and staples.  REMOVE: 3-ring binders, hardcover books, newspapers, magazines, plastic objects, metal objects or electronic media such as  CDs and DVDs.


Pick-up by schedule only – Tuesday, February 28th:

8:00AM – 10:00AM  

Eagle Village Offices

University Center

Anderson Center

Goolrick Hall

Fitness Center

Jepson Science Center

Hurley Convergence Center

Simpson Library

duPont Hall        

Melchers Hall                                    

Pollard Hall

Ridderhof-Martin Art Gallery


GW Hall                               

Combs Hall

Brent House

Hamlet House         

Fairfax House

Tyler House

Trinkle Hall

Monroe Hall

Lee Hall               

Marye House

Woodard Hall

Mercer Hall

1:00PM -3:30PM

1004 College Ave

1104 College Ave

1201 William St 

1510 William St

Jepson Alumni Center

Physical Plant

Heating Plant

Tennis Center


James Monroe Museum

Stafford North and South